Hokkaido University - University of Bremen Joint Seminar

Arrangements of Hyperplanes

December 1-3, 2014

ALTA, Universität Bremen, Bremen, Germany



Travel information

Travel information:

Streetcar line number 6 gets you directly to the university both from Bremen airport and the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof). Take the streetcar in direction "Universität and get off at the stop "Universität / Zentralbereich".

Talks will take place in the building "MZH". It is a high-rise with red base, you pass it just before the streetcar stops. You find it at the bottom of the following campus map.

Contact Address:
Prof.Dr. Eva-Maria Feichtner
Institute for Algebra, Geometry,
Topology and their Applications (ALTA)

Universität Bremen
28359 Bremen, Germany